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Frailty Thy Name is Gerty

July 10, 2010

In the past I’ve written (quite eloquently, if I do say so myself) on how I inspire you.  Well twin brother the inspiration is a two way street!  A veritable thoroughfare of creative stimulus.  We are a roomful of muses.

Oh, for you see I had let my HoM reading fall to the wayside.  The picture of Edith Wharton on the cover of my Libary of America Paperback Classic peered at me with a look of woeful neglect.

Then!  Then I log in and find that you are tearing through the book with an alacrity and speed that I’ve only seen you possess at a wedding buffet (wings and tips indeed!).  Well, needless to say I picked up the book at once and now Edith-on-the-cover peers at me with a look of benign distaste (I said excuse me E!  It’s natural…and that burrito was beanie).

I am slightly puzzled over your puzzling in the last post.  Why would Gus’s “tips” be ironic?  According to the meaning of tip is “a piece of private or secret information, as for use in betting, speculating, or writing a news story”.  So I think he’s just using it’s proper meaning with no irony (and no reference to Tip O’Neill–anachronism alert!).

I was disappointed to learn that Book I ends with Lily fleeing to the Mediterranean (I learned it here, because I still haven’t got that far).  If we learned nothing else from Laverne and Shirley we learned that changes of locale cannot save a flagging story line (I mean Laverne and Shirley in L.A.–what’s the point?). (Nota Bene:  I actually learned lots and lots from L&S–like that Milk and Pepsi is disgusting [remember that experiment!] and that monograms are the height of fashion)

Next thing you now Lily will be adopting a charming and precocious six year old for comic relief.

I did like the fact that it looks like Lily’s downfall will come at the surprisingly mannish hands (unexpectedly!) of Gerty Farish! How quickly she turns on Lily when she fears that her amateur theatrics partner, Lawrence Selden, may not be quite so available for their two-handers if he marries the lovely Lily.  I can just see her tossing her copies of Oleanna across the room in disgust (Anachronism #2!)

Well I’m off to continue reading….I can’t wait for Lily to hit the tropics!




Chicken or “Tips”

July 7, 2010

Whoa, it’s been a long time since either one of us have posted. Oddly, this time it was not due to me avoiding even logging into the blog because of my lack of reading. (I don’t log in when I haven’t been reading because I sort of feel like the blog, and by extension, you, are judging me–And who are you to judge me?!?)

This time it was actually because I have been hithering and thithering lately. Hithering to San Diego, thithering to Wisconsin, and sitting here celebrating the 4th of July. But between flights and pondering the eternal Wisconsin wedding conundrum of “Chicken or Tips?” (my answer: Both!) I have read a few chapters.

First my obligatory comment to make the title of this post relevant. Have you noticed that every time Gus Trenor mentions a piece of investment advice he refers to it as a “‘tip.'” Is he being ironic, like his “tips” aren’t really sound advice? (Like the way “tips” is used in the following sentence: Jon gave me some excellent “tips” on how to run my fantasy football team.)

Or is “tips” his nickname for something else, like former Speaker of the House Thomas Philip “Tip” O’Neil?

Either way I am confused.

Now onto other things:

I recently finished part one and have now made it through a portion of Part II. But I find myself distracted by the abrupt “about face” the action took at the end of Part I. I had mentally prepared myself for a marriage of convenience between Lily and Rosedale and then the next thing I know Lily’s high-tailing it for the Mediterranean.

What the?!?

Now, as I read then the less than stimulating description of late 19th century European decadence, I can’t help but wonder what the book would have been like if Lily had married Rosedale. Would Selden and Lily be forced to live a life of unrequited love, the closest they ever come to love’s embrace would be a stolen glance across the table at one of Welly Bry’s nouveau riche dinner parties.

I keep hoping for a Sliding Doors-esque third act. But my hopes are not high.