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November 1, 2009

Wow there’s a lot to unpack from that last post…but I think I’m going to start with that still-contested science jamboree.

And I’m going to start by asking questions:

1.  What makes the “Law” of Conservation of Mass a law? Because Newton said so.  Who voted on it, I sure as heck didn’t.  If Newton said “Verily, I think it should be a law that people named Isaac Newton have bigger brains, sharper wits and more handsome visages than all others” would that be a law?  You’d probably say yes.  (P.S.  I also think that Calculus is a myth).

2.  If I didn’t create that matter then where did it come from?  Where?

3.   Each year you taped two two-liter bottles filled with water together and exclaimed “Behold, weather in bottle!  Whoosh!”  and each year you walked away with that damn Golden Beaker.  How is that fair?  (I created matter!) You were all flash and little substance (while with my created matter I was nothing but substance).

I’m glad to have gotten that off my chest.  Now to move onto the section of your post concerning Gulliver and history…

I, too, liked this part…how Gully got to meet historical figures and found out that those who were most lauded often did not live up to their historical reputations (Isaac Newton, ahem.)  But I hadn’t thought about its likeness to everyone’s favorite historical vacation destination Colonial Williamsburg.  But when you mentioned it I could only nod my head and mutter “Right on.” It also made me remember our trip to Colonial Williamsburg when you barged into history:

Just as we were taking this picture the militia stormed saying “Forsooth ye shall sunder a hole in the space-time contiuum… if such a thing exists which, of course, we can’t be sure of!”

Ah, vacations.

I really liked the second part of part three (not to get too granular). I had two particularly favorite parts…the first is when Gulliver learns of the Struldbuggs of Luggnagg and decides that if he lived forever he’d do all of these wonderful things…get rich young and then live off that wealth for eternity while he hung out with the other immortals and had a gay old time. And I thought to myself. Really, Gulliver? Really? Because my guess is that if you were immortal you’d probably just spend a lot more time getting on boats and getting lost.
(I mean having “adventures”).

And I like this quote from the beginning of Part III’s Book 11:

I thought this account of the Struldbuggs might be some entertainment to the reader, because it seems to be a little out of the common way; at least, I do not remember to have met the like in any book of travels that hath come to my hands: and, if I am deceived, my excuse must be, that it is necessary for travellers who describe the same country, very often to agree in dwelling on the same particulars, without deserving the censure of having borrowed or transcribed from those who wrote them before.

Now, three quarters of the way into the book, Lemmy is justifying adding a story. And a story that was actually interesting. What’s your excuse for Brobdingnag, huh Gulliver?

Anyways I thought it was cute.

As to finishing…I’m thinking today or tomorrow. I’m ready to move on for sure.

And I’ve picked our next book…drum roll please…Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust. Yes, let’s delve into this world of French society, the meaning of memory, homoeroticism and, best of all, cookies. I’ll be reading the Lydia Davis translation (if you want to “twin” our translations

Until then,