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The Mystery of Villette

April 7, 2011

Well twin brother I’ve Hercule Poiroted myself into solving the mystery of Villette a la Miss Marple, leaving me feeling as if Lord Peter Wimsey coupled with Kinsey Millhone producing a child with Philip Marlowe’s tenacity and Sam Spade’s cool…and that child was me, the Koko of people detectives.

That’s right…I know who Villette is…and who Villette is…is a what.  Villette is a town.  We are fools.

All I can think is how ignorant our early posts must have seemed to those diehard Villette fans who accidentally stumbled upon this blog in their neverending quest for free, online Villette-themed fan fic.  Oh how their eyes probably rolled as they silently composed plotlines involving Lucy Snowe finally finding love with Hareton Earnshaw.

Well my face is red.

Other than my sleuthing (read: reading) I happened to catch the new movie version of that other Charlotte Bronte novel and all I have to say is this…where is the gypsy woman drag show?  That’s like the best part of the book.

Here’s to hoping that there will be some gender-bending waiting for us as the novel moves to France!