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Big Ding

October 13, 2009

I like how you refer to Brobdingnag as Brobignag in your post…I like how you’ve made it mnemonic–everyone’s big there (except Gulliver–thence flows hilarity). Mnemonic, but factually incorrect. (Unless my Wordsworth Classic isn’t as definitive as I think it is–no it can’t be that! Never doubt the Wordsworth Classic!). When you read the story do you read the country name as Brobignag (I hope so–I like that better. Justin 1, Swift 0)?

Kind of related (it, too, is a question)…when you read do hear the words narrated in your head? I do. Usually in my head, as I read–not all the time, I hear the story being read in my own voice (it’s quite pleasing)…but for some reason as I read Gulliver’s Travels its read in dulcet tones of Sir Kenneth Branagh’s voice. What’s up with that?

I just finished the Brobdingnag section. Interesting souvenirs Gulliver chooses to bring back with him…hair, toe nails clippings, a corn from the foot of a noblewoman (Note to Gulliver: If you ever go on vacation…just send me a postcard). And he can’t figure out why the captain of the boat doesn’t want any of his “treasures”. I’m sure what Gulliver has chosen to bring back is satirical of something…but darned if I know what. I’ve pretty much given up trying to figure what Swift is riffing on. I’m now in this book solely for the poop jokes.

I liked your analogy to Fraggle Rock. Sometimes these classic novels get my little brain all twisted in knots and then you use a good Boober example and all of sudden everything seems clear. (Boober is Glumdalclitch, right?)

Well I’m excited to move on to part three…but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow…at this point in the evening those long (some might say Brobdingnagian…you might say Brobignagian) sentences just make me sleepy.

Until next time,