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Answers Aplenty

March 18, 2011

I’m back twin brother after a brief hiatus…and with me I bring a pocketful of answers to questions you may not even have known that you had.  That’s right I’m the homeless and sagacious Bette Davis with a heart of gold of this blog.

Oh wait she had a Pocketful of Miracles!

Pocketful of Miracles Poster

She Had Miracles Not Answers--oops!

“Belove it”–ha ha.  Ok, I’ve got my obligatory Apple Annie joke out of the way…now on to the answers!

Answer Number 1:  San Francisco!

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been lately…well that question is easy enough to answer–on vacation in San Francisco. (see above)

Golden Gate Bridge

Proof that I wasn't just blowing off the blog to watch Better Off Ted

But now I’m back!  And I took Villette with me on the trip so I discovered some key plot points that will help clear up the confusion we’ve been experiencing.

Answer 2: She’s Not Villette.

We were wrong…the narrator is not, in fact, the titular Villette.  She’s Lucy Snowe.  So unless there’s a mid-novel name change in the works we both mis-identified the narrator.  Although, for the record, I was correct in my original reading that she is painfully dull.

Answer 3: She is 6.  And painfully precocious.

Our friend of many names, Missy aka Paulina aka Polly aka Little Mousie aka Miss Home, is only six years old.  But she has the world weariness and vocabulary of spinster eight times her age.  This brings up another topic for discussion–is Polly an accurate representation of children of the era or is this clumsy writing or is our Little Mousie an anomalous verbal savant?

Second topic…why does one so young necessitate so many noms de guerre?

Answer 4: Phil and Lem.

They’re my favorite characters on Better Off Ted.  Okay I have been blowing the blog off a little to watch reruns of BOT…why didn’t I watch this show when it was actually on?!

And…spoiler alert!…all this information ceases to be useful right around Chapter 4 because everyone scatters away from the Bretton house.  So more mysteries to solve!

I did kind of feel like someone should have sat Charlotte Bronte down and said…Look, Char, there’s in media res and then there’s in media res…throw your reader a freakin’ bone.

I’m hoping for smoother sailing now that I have some grounding in this story…but if the confusion persists this may well be the first blog book that I quit midway through.

I’m already reading more in order to have more to post in the (very) near future!  No more lollygagging on this side of the conversation.

Reading as I type,