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Lily’s Ticket

July 19, 2010

Lily’s Ticket #1 — A boat ticket.  I’m not one to judge how someone reacts to stress (when I’m stressed I know I like nothing more than a cold beer, raisin and pepperoni bbq pizza and a marathon of Murder, She Wrote reruns–so no stone throwing here).  But I do find it odd that Lily chooses to react to her overwhelming financial woes by…booking a ticket on a pleasure cruise to the Mediterranean.  That seems…counterintuitive.

Or stupid.  Really, really stupid.

Lily’s Ticket #2:  The unerring eye of Carrie Fisher (not that Carrie Fisher) sees into the true Lily Bart–surprising (because up until this point she hasn’t really been much of a character).  Here’s her observation:

“Sometimes,” she added, “I think it’s flightiness–and sometimes I think it’s because, at heart, she despises the things she’s trying for.”

Well played minor character (I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten her name again).  While she’s stood on the sidelines of the narrative action, Mrs. Fisher has been watching.

And was I the only one who, upon reading the first chapter of book two and the insipid conversation regarding where the Wellington Bry’s should eat lunch, threw the book down and muttered “New money” with disdain?

I also have questions about upper-class American’s use of “ain’t” in the early 20th Century…you see it in many books written in that period–I always thought it was British representation of American English and then Wharton busts it out…was it really so prevalent?  Ain’t that something.

But there’s no time for more questions (perhaps someone could call A Way With Words for me?)…I’ve got to get back to reading.  We’ve been reading this book FOREVER and it’s time to put this one to bed.

Putting the book to bed,