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Demoted To A Conceit

August 13, 2012

Well twin brother, I’ve decided to wait no longer for another post from you.  I get your “I’m too cool for school” message loud and clear.  You’re just not into Dostoevsky.  Roger that.

But I will not stop reading this book…I’ve decided instead to treat you as a sort of WordPress conceit…it’s kind of like when I watch Pretty Little Liars with my dog.  Sure she doesn’t really have any idea who A might be (how could she–she hasn’t seen the first season!!!) but it’s fun to pretend that someone else who cares about that show is watching it with me.

So that is how I shall continue reading (and posting — lucky you one reader in Ecuador!) as if you were posting responses, but without having to talk about boring things I’m not interested in.

So here is what I’m interested in…the layout of Raskonikov’s room  (apartment?).  Get a gander of this description:

His room was so small that he could undo the latch without leaving the bed.

Wowser!  I thought….that’s a tiny room!  How would that work?

So I drew a schematic:

Quite Small!

As you can see quite tiny!  As you can also see “straight lines” are not my forte.

I don’t know that that room is factually accurate (I didn’t consult the text while drawing).  But it is definitely a room from which a door could be unlatched from the bed-area.

Oh blog reader you might just be lucky enough to find more Raskolnikov inspired art on this blog yet!

Until next time,