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What Would Peyton Randolph Do?

July 6, 2012

Only the history books know for sure.  But I feel pretty secure in stating that whatever the president of the first Continental Congress may have done throughout his lifetime, one thing I feel pretty secure in saying wasn’t in his wheelhouse was grisly axe murder.

Like most people on the 4th of July, no matter what I’m doing — enjoying a bratwurst, melting in the 100+ degree heat during local neighborhood festivities — my thoughts tend to drift towards how the Founding Fathers might react in similar situations — How much Benjamin Franklin would enjoy that particular Slip-N-Slide, how William Few and George Clymer would have dominated that volleyball tournament.

So as I lay down to read a few pages of our selected text before bed, my thoughts were drifting towards Jacob Broom and Jared Ingersoll frolicking with sparklers.  Too soon those entertaining anachronisms were wiped clear from my mind. Eradicated from my imagination box,  as I entered into some of the most frightening pages of any book I’ve ever read.  Dostoevsky is very….descriptive.

So instead of dreams of Thomas Jefferson (remember I’m a bit of a Jefferson scholar, so those dreams are firmly rooted in the historical record) and John Dickinson, instead I had nightmares about poor Lizaveta (poor, poor Lizaveta). 

As I start Part II, I am interested to see how Roskolnikov will get caught, but before that happens I have a feeling we’re in for a lot of angst (his and ours).

Did the book play any part in your holiday festivities?  A Crime and Punishment-themed barbecue mayhaps?  Has it played a part in your summer at all? (n.b. It was still spring the last time we heard from you).

Happy (belated) Independence Day!