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Dog and Pony Show

June 22, 2012

Well twin brother it’s been a while.  I think I wrote my last post right before I embarked on my travel to your nuptials…and now here we find ourselves almost a month later with nary a post published, with virtual cobwebs starting to obfuscate the pretty picture of books found in the banner of this blog.

My excuse is this:


That’s right…I’m blaming the puppy.  No one tells you when you get a puppy that you will find yourself with little to no time to concentrate on anything other than said puppy.  If I’m not looking for signs that she has to pee (and then cleaning up subsequent messes), I’m pulling shoes, iPhones, and pillows out of her mouth (or trying, “I am the Alpha!”).  Luckily tonight we took her for a long walk  that has sufficiently tired her out (doesn’t she look like an angel when she sleeps????) so she has removed herself to under the sofa, which mean I find myself with some time to write a quick post while she’s out for the count.

Because of said puppy I also haven’t read much further in C&P, but I’m hoping to work in some regular Dostoevsky time now that she’s a little more settled.  I just finished the chapter where young Roskolnikov witnesses the horse murder.  As I read it I could only imagine the term paper upon term paper that has probably been written on that scene.  Roskolnikov’s moral outrage over the horse killing in relationship to his actions later in the book (or at least the actions I’m surmising will happen later in the book).

Since so much has already probably been written about it, I’ll just add here that I am no fan of horse murder.  Not even a little.  I’m against any form of horse death imaginable.

Soooo….are you still reading the book?  No pressure.  Just, um, looking for someone to talk to about Roskolnikov and that horse and whatnot.

The puppy is emerging from under the couch…I must sign off.