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The Definition of a Bad Idea

November 30, 2011

So, let me get this straight:

After narrowly escaping pirates and finding hints of a treasure, the doctor, the magistrate, and a child (and apparently a hush puppy loving, one-legged cook) decide to hit the high seas to find waterlogged booty. (Note: “Booty” in the pirate sense, and not the Destiny’s Child sense.)

Who thinks that’s a good idea?

Why, not since Janet Wood, Chrissy Snow and Jack Tripper decided to try and pull a fast one the Ropers has a plan felt so ill-conceived.

It has also come to my attention–in no small part due to your, shall we say, passive aggressive commenting–that you are posting nearly two posts to my every one. All I can say to that is:

Argghh!!! (See how I have subtly maintained the piratical-theme.)

I would like to say that my thought-provoking, pun-laden, wittily referential posts have a long incubation period. But then I re-read some of my posts, and well it turns out my posts have none of the aforementioned qualities. (And full disclosure I usually hammer out one of these out in about 12 minutes while simultaneously watching TV and intermittently checking Facebook. P.S. People are loving your posts as of late.)

So…uhh…I guess my excuse is….

Crickets: (chirp, chirp)

Hey, look at this:

See ya,





Poker Face

November 28, 2011

Ah I wait and I wait…but it seems that no new post is forthcoming from the imaginative fingers of my twin brother. I hesitate to be the Israel Hands to your Long John Silver (you probably have no idea what that means–to clarify I don’t want to exhort you to act before you’re fully ready).  I realize that your sophisticated readings and witty bon mots take a certain amount of time (one’s ideas must gestate!), but I’ve been noting things to discuss as I move through the book and my cryptic notes are making less and less sense as time progresses from my original reading.  So before my ideas fade into the fog of my mid-term memory I thought I’d better post.  My first cryptic note was “Not I Hands to Justin’s Hook” so that’s one note addressed.  Here are my others…

2.) “Livesey’s P Face = AMAZING!”  Probably not what you think.  I’m referring to the doctor’s ability to keep his outer visage (probably redundant that) from reflecting his inner turmoil as Jim recounts what he heard while in the apple barrel (I’m purposefully being vague…because I know that if you had gotten to the apple barrel scene already you could not not have been compelled to post–it’s quite the humdinger of an eavesdropping).  Here is his (non) reaction in the text:

‘Doctor, let me speak.  Get the captain and squire down to the cabin, and then make some pretence to send for me. I have terrible news.’

The doctor changed countenance a little, but next moment was master of himself.

‘Thank you, Jim,’ said he, quite loudly, ‘that was all I wanted to know,’ as if he had asked me a question.

Cool as a cucumber…if I had just been told that my ship’s boy had terrible news I think instead of pretending “same old, same old” my mouth would gape, my eyes would bug and I’d say something along the lines of “What?!?!!!!!  Spit it out Jim! For the love of all that is good tell me!  Seconds could make all the difference!” as I shook the bearer of the bad tidings for dramatic effect.

And finally note #3: “Raisins!  Yum yum yum.”  I’m pretty sure this refers to how when Jim finally meets with the doctor, squire and captain they’re all eating raisins, and that made me hungry for raisins.  I love raisins.

And on that note…I’m off to find some raisins (yum yum yum).



Chapter Titles

November 11, 2011

Well twin brother I’m glad to see you’ve started to read your Stevenson again (and that you’re enjoying it…what a pleasant boon!).  I’m less heartened to see that you are (apparently) not reading what I post on this blog (or reading it so cursorily that it makes no impression on you.)  For if you were reading with care you’d remember my sophisticated analysis of the exact same quotation that you pulled out in your last post (in case you don’t remember that it dealt with pirates holding hands as they set out to pillage the ‘Admiral Benbow’–adorable).

You can remember what I said about the same topic in (the cleverly title, if I do say so myself) “Pirating…Popular Conceptions of Gender”.

It can’t be that my writing is unmemorable!

(awkward silence)


That and I don’t think the early part of the book takes place in London….I had a more rural setting in my brain.

But speaking of clever titles (as I was a bit back when mentioning my previous post–seamless segue!) I’m coming up to what, for my two cents, is perhaps one of the greatest chapter titles in all of literature.  That’s right…I’m sitting on page one of “What I Heard In The Apple Barrel”.  I’m not usually a big proponent of chapter titles.  I tend to find them if not completely superfluous then distracting.  I’ll sit and puzzle to myself over the meaning of the heading when I should be close reading my texts…but here I’ll make an exception.  I’m willing to make this concession for two reasons…first the chapter title is completely transparent–it’s going to tell what Jack hears while he’s in the apple barrel (when the apple barrel was first introduced it seemed somewhat random…if Jack isn’t going to go into great detail about their sea voyage then why bring up this bucket of fruit?  But boy howdy does it pay dividends later!)  And second…I think it’s funny…oh so very funny.

What’s your stance on chapter titles?  I don’t feel like I even really need numbers–just give me a page break every once in a while.

But I guess it does make it easier to talk about…without chapter titles I’d have to say “I’m on the page break on page 89 (that’s right…89!)” now instead I can say “I’m getting ready to start ‘What I Heard In The Apple Barrel’.”  (Still hilarious)

Well I do, in fact, want to learn what he heard in the apple barrel so I’m heading back to the book.

Until after the apple barrel,



Ahoy, Matey!

November 7, 2011

And by “Matey” I mean you, Jon. (Just in case there was confusion there.)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, and for that I am sorry, or in pirate parlance “S-arrggh-y.” It’s been a hectic few weeks with travel hither and thither and then hither and yon. (That’s right hither, thither, and yon– you see, I have been busy.) But, fear not, I have not forgotten the book.

All in all, I’ve really been enjoying this book. It’s compelling (although now that I know Long John Silver is a pirate cook the book is looking slightly less compelling), atmospheric, and action packed. For example check out this snippet that illustrates all of these points:

“I was scarcely in position ere my enemies began to arrive, seven or eight of them, running hard, their feed beating out of time along the road, and the man with lantern some paces in front. Three men ran together, hand in hand…”

Whoa! Wait a second…three men running together hand in hand…okay admittedly that a little less scary. What are they going to do if they catch him, impress them into a enforced game of Red Rover? Who do these pirates think they are? These guys? (Admittedly, this is somewhat terrifying in its own retro sort of way.)

Despite the illogical hand-holding running (doesn’t that add a unnecessary degree of difficulty to running?), they are running down a dark London street, following a creepy lantern carrying pirate, and it kept me reading.

Speaking of keeping me reading, expect to hear more from me here soon! (Although, after reading this post you may wish I had another trip or two in the future.)