Let’s Hear It For Laputa

October 20, 2009

Well twin I’m not going to let your lackadaisical reading schedule impede my Gulliverian progress…I will continue to read this book Swiftly! (Zing!)

Part of the reason that I won’t let you get in my way is that I’m excited to see what happens in these unknown islands of part three…coming into the novel I knew that Lilliput had the little people and that Brobdingnag had the big people and that Houyhnhms was unpronounceable, but meanwhile part three remained a delightful mystery (the only thing that could have made this mystery more delightful, I daresay, are cat sleuths).

Well mystery no more…just call me Pandora and look at my big, open box! But instead of ills this box I’ve opened is a box of wonders (not so very different from a Whitman’s Sampler–I love candy.). Why Laputa is a floating island! (Spoiler: Laputa floats). And the Laputians, sure they’re not the prettiest (or the smartest), but I’m simply delighted by their sideways heads and lolling eyes.

And that’s all the farther I’ve gotten. This book’s long sentences take concentration and lately my bus has been chatty and it’s hard to focus with all of these conversations going on. The only mystery (not delightful…nary a cat sleuth in sight) is why no one wants to talk to the friendly gentleman reading Gulliver’s Travels?

I’ll let you ponder that one as you continue your Travels,


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